I would really recommend using this company for tours around Kashgar- our trip along the Karakoram Highway was my favourite thing we did during our month in northern/north-western China. When organising the tour, Ali (who speaks very good English) was very friendly and helpful, replying to emails promptly and informing us about the different tour options. He also came and met us at our hostel the day before the tour to talk us through the plan in more detail in person. We were a group of five and had both a driver and tour guide for the tour. The first day of the tour was the drive along the Karakoram Highway. It was great going along the Karakoram Highway (about 8 hours of driving plus stops) and stopping at all the different stunning locations. Having been on tours run by various Chinese companies, I was concerned that we may be rushed at each scenic spot by our guide, but this was not the case at all – we were able to take everything very leisurely and at our own pace. It was also great using this company as they completely organised all the paperwork we needed to get through the various checkpoints along the Karakoram Highway, and these checkpoints ended up being about the quickest ones we went through in Xinjiang thanks to their help. In the evening of the first day we arrived in the Tajik town Tashkurgan. The next day was more relaxed around Tashkurgan, but we learned a lot of interesting things from our tour guide and were quite happy to have some time to ourselves to relax in the afternoon before going with our tour guide again to dinner and to watch a traditional Tajik dancing show. The third day was mostly the drive back to Kashgar but we also stopped at the Oytagh Glacier Park which was a good way to break up the journey. The only thing I would say is that we were very lucky with the weather and that the tour would not have been the same had the weather been bad, which I have heard it often is around the Karakoram Highway. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend working a few days into your plan to do the Karakoram Highway and I would recommend doing it through Silk Road Tours! 🙂

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